Tech Trends 2021

In addition to the various challenges in the covid crisis, there is a huch opportunity for digitization. To exploit this opportunity, CIOs and technology-savvy executives play a key role in implementing new approaches strategically. The present shows that companies are already investing in new technologies and business models.

The new Deloitte Tech Trends Report shows, for example, that so-called „disruptors“ such as digital reality, artificial intelligence (AI) and distributed platforms are already established today and will continue to trigger further business innovations in the future. In addition, „enablers“ such as Digital Experience, as well as Data & Analytics and Cloud enable new strategies and business models. „Horizon next-technologies“ will shape the future. Various trends such as MLOps , Dynamic Supply Network or new mining technologies are presented in the new Deloitte Tech Trends Report 2021.

The full report can be found here.