Internal Audit’s Digital Transformation Imperative 2021

According to a survey by AuditBoard and the Internal Audit Foundation (IAF), the ongoing digital transformation of internal auditing will accelerate rapidly in 2021. 22 % of the 134 surveyed heads of internal audit stated that they will implement cloud-based technologies this year.

The report Internal Audit’s Digital Transformation Imperative: Advances amid Crisis highlights how Internal Audit uses technology to respond to challenging and rapidly changing conditions.

The report shows that the use of technology by audit teams has increased for two main reasons: the need for modernization and less manual processes. Modern, cloud-based platforms in particular offer improved flexibility, productivity and collaboration between distributed organizations.

Download your copy of the report to learn:

  • The State of Internal Audit Technology
  • Choosing a Technology Approach
  • The Risk Management Benefits of Modern Technology

You can download your copy here.