Moving Internal Audit Deeper Into the Digital Age: Part 3

The third part of the three-part report series, „Moving Internal Audit Deeper into the Digital Age: Part 3, Beyond Theory – Scaling Automation Capabilities in Internal Auditing“ from the Internal Audit Foundation and Deloitte answers the question, „How can internal audit help set up governance architecture around new technologies?“

For effective scaling of analytics and automation capabilities, a thorough understanding of what automation is and what it is not is first necessary. Not to be neglected at this point is focus, a long-term commitment and a clear strategic vision. Problematic, however, are the hurdles such as access to data or the complexity of the technology landscape that need to be overcome by the audit.

With this in mind, Part 3 developed an approach that internal audit leaders can use to begin to leverage analytics and automation to build an agile, insightful, and resilient internal audit function that adds value to the organization.

You can read Part 3 of the report series here.