Powering Audit Committee Outcomes

An independent audit committee is essential for good corporate governance. However, there is no one-size-fits-all solution of what the perfect audit committee should look like. This is because the exact structure and objectives of audit committees worldwide are influenced by the type of business, the regulatory environment, the ownership structure and legal requirements. In addition, the performance of the Audit Committee largely depends on its area of ​​responsibility and the skills of its members.

As the challenges for audit boards have increased, the guidelines for them have not kept pace. The new book by Bruce R. Turner of the Internal Audit Foundation wants to change this and is specifically tailored for audit committees today and for the foreseeable future. Each chapter looks at the changing landscape to provide context for current and new requirements of the audit committee. The content will also assist governance body chairs, chief audit executives (CAEs), the audit committee secretariat, and other areas that report to the audit committee.

The book can be purchased as paperback or e-book here.