Talent management in internal auditing

The Covid-19 pandemic resulted in many changes, including for the internal audit profession. However, these changes have not been exclusively negative; topics such as flexible working models, automation through data analytics and audit technology are increasingly the focus of internal audit. This new normal brings with it multifaceted challenges, for example, the basic competencies for audit staff will change. This new talent management is addressed in the Internal Auditor Magazine article „The New Normal of Talent Management: Internal audit functions face intense competition to hire and retain practitioners with the skills needed to meet changing stakeholder expectations.“

It is mentioned that the competition for the best talents in internal auditing will become even harder and that companies therefore have to stand out from the crowd. In doing so, companies should ask themselves several questions, such as „Is there a clear and real path for each team member to advance if his or her performance warrants it?“ or „Has internal audit conducted salary benchmarking to ensure each team member is paid in line with the market?“

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