Mastering Remote Onboarding: Best Practices for Socializing New Accountants in the Digital Age

In the era of remote work, public accounting firms grapple with a vital concern: how to effectively socialize new employees. This process, known as Organizational Socialization (OS), is pivotal for new professionals to assimilate the attitudes, values, social skills, and technical expertise vital to their success in the firm.

Historically, newcomers were inducted into a face-to-face environment, absorbing firm values and norms by observing senior professionals. However, the remote work framework instigated by the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically altered this paradigm.

The Remote Work Boom

Even before the pandemic, the challenge for accounting firms was to locate and retain qualified professionals. The Great Resignation further intensified the competition for talent. Remote work emerged as a significant solution, offering benefits like enhanced productivity, reduced absenteeism, and elevated job satisfaction. With these perks, the trend is here to stay.

However, public accounting, an apprentice-based sector, faces unique challenges. How do you onboard, train, and instill firm culture in a remote environment?

Find out more about best practices and challenges in this new article by Charles D. Bailey, Derek W. Dalton, Nancy L. Harp, and Thomas J. Phillips, Jr..

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