The 2021 Audit Management Playbook

Regardless of whether it is an audit team of five, thirty or more people, the biggest challenge for any modern audit leader is to stay relevant and add value to the company. In addition to complying with regulations and reducing costs wherever possible, audit leaders also need to stay abreast of current industry topics and the latest guidelines and best practices while protecting themselves from new and existing threats and challenges. All of this is as time consuming as necessary.

Audit leaders who strive to help their teams understand and incorporate best practices while employing technology to maximize efficiency at work have a better chance of staying relevant and adding value to the company than those who don’t.

Are you an audit leader looking to take your internal audit team to the next level in 2021? Start with the final audit management guide, which includes best practices, resources, and tools for each stage of the audit lifecycle. Download the free guide from Internal Audit 360° here.